Update on the Water level of the lake on 25th June 2019:

The Ministry of Home and Cultural affairs (MoHCA) would like to inform that the team from National Center for Hydrology and Meteorology (NCHM) has been able to restore the Automated Water Level Station (AWLS) of Thorthormi lake with the help of Principal and teachers from Lhedi Primary School, BHU and other staff. Thorthormi AWLS has started transmitting water level data automatically to Wangdi GLOF Control and NCHM Headquarter, Thimphu starting from 17:10 hours yesterday. NCHM team will carry out the repair and maintenance of AWLS of Thanza lake by today. The MoHCA will update on the status of reinstallation. There is no significant change in water level, however, people are advised to refrain from going to the river banks of Phochu and downstream.

Thorthormi lake view (picture taken on 24/06/2019)

NCHM team after relocation of AWSL of subsidary lake 1 of Thorthormi (picture taken on 24/06/2019)

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