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       About Bhutan Buddha Travellers

    Trekking Itinerary

Bhutan Buddha Travellers is a Tours and Treks operating agency in Bhutan licensed through Ministry of Economic Affairs, registered under Tourism Council of Bhutan. Bhutan Buddha Travellers facilities tourists/visitors to Plan trips in Bhutan, arrange hotels for comfortable stay at the most reasonable and competitive price with the unmatched service quality. We plan and arrange wide range of Tours and Treks program in the country befitting the aspiration of our valued customers and guests

Bhutan Buddha travelers office is situated in thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan. Bhutan Buddha travellers offers various adventurous and offical tours like:-

Our Vision

" Building Memories through travel to experience the unique features and wonders of Bhutan by offering unique tour based on our three Pillars of Excellence, Experience and Unmatched Services "

  • Excellence- through our friendly and knowledgeable tour guides ensure courteous holidays for customer in professional manner
  • Experience in planning the best and balanced tours itineraries to offer our customer a worry free vacation
  • Unmatched services to provide most satisfying tour in Bhutan.

Our Mission

" Serve our customer with the best commitments. we hold our Bhutanese traditions of Integrity and hospitality with dedication, dynamism, efficiency and quality to meet the ever-changing and challenging requirements of travels to make it effective. "

Cultural tours

Bhutan is one of the most attractive tourist destinations on South-East Asia. The cultural tours involves visit to sacred festivals, important monasteries, pilgrimage, view of Himalaya peaks and other scenic spots. Bhutan Buddha Travellers offers various type of itinerary befitting the interest of clients based on the individual choice on prior intimation.


Bhutan has wide range of trekking routes around the country. Trekking provides opportunity to see and experience wide range of bio-diversity, magnificent Himalayas, mountains, valleys and pristine environment.

The duration of treks can be from three, four and five days or even for a month. Trekking can be organized throughout the country, central, western and eastern region. Suitable time is March, April, May, September, October and November.

Business tours

Bhutan has recently entered the path of industrialization process. At present various type of business activities are coming, up such as cottage industries, small scale industries, hydro projects etc.

Nature tour

Bhutan has very rich variety of flora and fauna which is unique. Further the existing pristine environment provides beautiful scenery and natural wonder. Variety of wild life, and bird species are also fascinating.

Festivals tours

Religion plays an important role in the life of the god fearing and spiritual people. The festivals are the real showcase of the Bhutanese culture, celebrating throughout the country and the most popular of these take place annually in or around all monasteries and the Dzongs (Fortress) attracting the tourists and local people also. They impart important Buddhist values and moral lessons often describing the eternal battle of good over evil.

Pilgrimage tour

Religion plays a important role in all aspects of Bhutanese life especially the arts keeping live Bhutanese teachings and values. There are hundreds of monasteries, monuments and sacred religious sites in kingdom of Bhutan. People from all walk of life come to make pilgrimage to some of these sacred sites like Tango and Chari, Paro Taktsang, Kichu Lhakang, Bumthang Kurje and Jampa Lhakang etc.

Based on the interest of clients cultural tours and trekking programs can be organized both for individual tourists and large groups.
Additional programs organized by BHUTAN BUDDHA TRAVALLERS as per the choice of clients are as follows:–

  • Cycling/mountain biking
  • Bird watching
  • Flora and fauna
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Rafting
  • Study tours for students/others
  • Additional programs are also organized based on the choice of clients.

We are registered as an AUTHORIZED Tour Operator under the following agencies: