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       General Information

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Market in Bhutan

There are markets and shopping places in all the district headquarters and other towns in the country. All type of local consumer items, cloths, jewelers, handicrafts, woodcrafts and imported are available.

People and Language

Bhutan consist of different ethnic group of people such as Ngalong, Sarchop, kheng, Kurtoep, Lotshampa etc having their own dialects. The official language of Bhutan is Dzongkha. English is also widely spoken specially by the educated people. English has been the medium of instruction in educational, vocational and training institutes in Bhutan.

Personal Luggage and Restrictions

Country does not permit any individuals for business and export of old traditional and religious antique items. It is permitted for the visitors to bring in personal electronic devices, and reasonable quantity of cigarettes as well as alchol for personal use.

Some of the restricted items which can be imported to Bhutan for personal use are as follows:-

  • 250gms tobacco or 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars
  • One litre of alcohol

Law and Order

Bhutan is a peaceful country and the citizens love to live in peace. There is peace and harmony among different community in the country. People in general are decent, friendly, helpful and hospitable to anyone.

Taking Photograph

In Bhutan there is restriction to take photograph of important Dzongs, Monastires and historical monuments. Kindly check with your guide about such restriction. Generally it is permitted to take photographs at the public places, people, scenery and scenic splendors of the mountains etc. most of the people give a smile and prefer taking photographs. However, some people could be camera shy so it is better to use your intuition and incase of doubt seek verbal approval.

Occupation and Religion

Majority of the Bhutanese population depends on Agriculture and Livestock rearing. All the farmers own few livestock and Agricultural land. But the people in high altitude areas depend purely on livestock rearing. Bhutan is the Buddhist country with Mahayana Buddhism. Most of the people in the country follow Drukpa school of Kagyupa sect. the lotsham population living in southern belt follow Hinduism.

Communication facility in the country

Most of the areas in the country are well covered with telephone connectivity both fixed line and mobile services except few pocket areas.

Medium of trade and Business activities (Money)

Trade and business activities in Bhutan are done in Bhutanese currency, Ngultrum (Nu) which is equivalent to Indian currency. Indian currency is accepted, throughout Bhutan. To some extent better system also exists in the country specially in remote places. We advise you to carry travelers cheque or cash preferably American Express and US Dollars. ATM facility is available only in few towns.


Kingdom of Bhutan lies in eastern Himalayas between Tibet (China) in north and Sikkim, Assam and Bengal (India in south east). Bhutan has total area of square kilometers. It is located in high Himalayan Mountain range and it is land locked country.

Climatic condition and travel kids

Summers are warm (temperature ranging from 20-25 Celsius) and winter are cold with freezing temperature in northern pert of the country. Therefore, it is necessary to carry worm cloths, comfortable shoes, umbrella, sunglasses, hat, antiseptic creams, medicine for Diarrheas, Dysentery, headache, fever, high altitude sickness etc.