Geoinformation System (GIS) Digitization Workshop (9-13/05/2022)- Haa

The spatial data can leverage every activity of the  disaster management phases from preparation to response. With the spatial data disaster management activities can be precisely linked to the actual ground like what is planned where, what is done where, what happened where. 

The openstreetmap (OSM) is an open source web map which offers users the privileges that other enterprise web maps do not. OSM is a volunteer based web map that is becoming richer everyday with more and more volunteers updating the map.  It can be used as a free data repository for spatial data as the OSM updated.

As a free spatial data repository, OSM can be used in disaster management initiatives  and activities for planning, preparedness and response. Data and information from OSM can be used for studies, research, and analysis.

The OSM is being updated and used extensively elsewhere for the benefit of the general population. OSM use is gaining popularity in Bhutan and some urban places are richly mapped. A workshop is planned in collaboration with WFP Bhutan on the use of OSM to update and digitize data of critical infrastructure.

The training participants included the Gewog Administrative Officer (GAO) and Mangmi (local government representatives) of the gewogs of Haa, Municipal/Survey representatives and Dzongkhag Disaster Management Officer (DDMO).

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