National Situational Update on COVID-19 (28-08-2020)

Data as of 27/08/2020
Source: Ministry of Health-Facebook page:


A 23-year-old woman has tested positive in Phuntsholing while in quarantine facility. She is one of the contacts in relation to the dry port cases.

One person is being declared recovered.

This takes the total number of positive cases in Bhutan to 184 and active cases to 65.

Appeal: The Ministry of Health requests the general public not to move out of your zones and not to mingle with your neighbours while visiting shops during the time specified in your movement pass. The ultimate goal of the lockdown is to keep the people from coming in contact with each other and to break the chain of further transmission of the virus in the community. It is Our Gyenkhu to use the movement pass wisely. Help us to Help You!


a. Confirmed: number of people who have tested positive through COVID-19 tests.

b. Active: number of people who are currently in the isolation facilities because they are still COVID-19 positive.

c. *Recovered: number of people who have tested negative on COVID-19 test and declared as recovered. Those who test negative twice over a 24 hour period are kept under 14 days of observation in a quarantine facility.

Stay Informed, Stay Safe!


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