Several road blocks due to continuous rainfall

  1. Road block along Gyelposhing Nanglam High way.

Date: 20-10-2021

Road block reported at Gomchen brak at 14km from Gyelposhing and at waterfall(34km). Road base washed away at Gomchen brak, if rain subside the road will be through by noon.

Source: Regional Office, Department of Roads, Lingmethang

2. Road blocks alone Thimphu-Phuntsholing High Way:

Road block update:

i. Thimphu-Phuentsholing High way- Road block reported at 50km near Gedu. ETC – 12.00noon

ii. Thimphu- Phuentsholing Highway- Road block reported at 85.6 & 94.60 on Damchu Chuzom bypass road. Complete road width washed out as reported, the assessment is going on and may take few days to restore. The traffic can be diverted via old road.

iii .Road block reported at 17.80km on Rinchending – Manitar PNH road. ETC 9.00Am.

iv. Road block reported at 20km on Wezergang Dorokha road. ETC 10.30Am. Further information will be updated after clearing

Source: RO, DoR Phuentsholing

3. Road block information under RO, Samdrupjongkhar

i. Road Name: Nganglam – Gyelposhing PNH
Location: 41.60kms
Cause: Landslide
Time of Occurrence: Overnight due to heavy rainfall
Expected Time of Clearance:3:30PM

ii. Road Name: Tsebar-Mikuri-Durungri SNH
Location: 47.50 kms
Cause: Landslide Debris flow
Expected Time of Clearance: 4PM

iii. Road Name:Samdrupjongkhar – Trashigang highway
Location: 76.20km, 78.20km, 79.30km & 79.50kns
Cause: Landslide and Debris flow
Expected Time of Clearance: 4 PM

Source: RO, SJ

4. Tingtibi – Panbang PNH

i. Tingtibi – Panbang PNH is blocked at Tshaidang (16km from Tingtibi), Praling (34km from Tingtibi), Leylang (67 km from Tingtibi and Chengazam (70.5 km from Tingtibi):- Cleared

ii. Gelephu – Trongsa PNH is blocked at Wangdigang (13 km from Tingtibi along the Tingtibi – Wangdigang bypass road) due to rock slide:- Cleared

iii. Panbang – Mathanguri road is blocked at 11.5 km due to a swollen stream.Landslides has occurred due to heavy and continuous rainfall overnight.Machineries have been deployed since early morning to clear the blocks. However, due to continuous rainfall, the conditions have become very risky due to constant falling boulders:- Cleared

Source: Regional Office, Department of Roads, Tingtibi

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