Community Based Disaster Risk Management

Overall Goal

To train and enhance the awareness of the Dzongkhag Sector staff and other stakeholders and counterparts on the natural disasters threat in Bhutan and to introduce the community based disaster risk management (CBDRM) process to the participants. The workshop would ensure that the Dzongkhag sector staff and stakeholders workshop realize the impending risks from various hazards and make CBDRM plans an integral part of the Dzongkhag initiative.


  1. To sensitize and give orientation to the Dzongkhag staff and other stakeholders on the impending disaster risks faced by the Dzongkhag
  2. Understanding the Disaster Risk management Framework and basic concepts related to disaster management.
  3. Formation of Dzongkhag Disaster Management Committee (DDMC), Dzongkhag Disaster Management Teams (DDMT) and their roles and responsibilities.
  4. Introduce in detail the Disaster Management Planning Guidelines for the preparation of comprehensive Dzongkhag Disaster Management Plans that addresses planning and other requirements in terms of human resources, equipment, capacity building and funding etc.
  5. To understand the assessment tools i.e. vulnerability assessment, capacity assessment and risk assessment in preparation of the disaster management plans.
  6. Disaster Communication Plan/ Flow of Information and Communication and establishment of emergency operations centers (EOC) in the Dzongkhags.
  7. To initiate CBDRR preparedness and planning to ensure that necessary materials, partnerships, and strategies are well placed to maximize preparedness and responses.

Methodology and Workshop Materials

The workshop focused on natural disasters likely to occur in Bhutan and the impact this would have on the lives, livelihoods and safety of the communities. The steps involved in planning for and responding to disaster emergency situation will be discussed in focused sessions. This information will enable the participants to share ideas, issues and challenges involved in preparedness planning and responding to an emergency and to address key areas and gaps in their own district response. The final day of the workshop allows participants to discuss and formation of Dzongkhag Disaster Management Committees and DDMT in detail and to outline strategies to train Training of Trainers (ToT) at the Dzongkhag level who would initiate CBDRR planning at the Geog levels.

The workshop methodology focused on active participation, providing substantial time for groups, individual reflection and presentations to larger participants. Questions were welcomed throughout the workshop with extended time allowed for discussion and input by all, including the facilitators (resource persons).

All participants will be given a copy of Community Based Disaster Risk Management participants’ handbook and other relevant handouts.