Preparedness and Response Division


This division will ensure the institutions of an effective disaster response and early warning system in the country. The National Emergency Operation Center will be under the supervision of this division.


The division will be responsible for:

  1. Establishing and operationalizing Emergency Operation Centers (EOC) at the national, Dzongkhag and Thromde levels.
  2. Ensuring the functioning of the National Emergency Operation Center and the development of related Standard Operating Procedures.
  3. Ensuring an effective and efficient disaster communications network for the country.
  4. Liaising with other relevant sectors and agencies to institute early warning systems for various natural hazards and disaster risks.
  5. Determining community participation in the development of Early Warning Systems and ensuring he last mile communication.
  6. Maintaining a disaster database and information management system to support risk reduction initiatives and effective response.
  7. Development of Emergency/Contingency plans at various levels and support formation and capacity building of response teams at all levels.
  8. Building partnerships with both national and international agencies and organizations for knowledge sharing and obtaining support and resources for the Divisions activities and initiatives.