Risk Prevention and Reduction Division


This division will ensure coordination with all sectors with regard to risk reduction, mitigation and preparedness and create general awareness and education on disaster risks and risk reduction through its Awareness and Education Unit.


The division will be responsible for:

  1. Facilitating the preparation and implementation of Sector/ Dzongkhag/ Thromde/ Dungkhag and Gewog disaster management plans.
  2. Conducting Community Based Disaster Risk Management Planning at community level, in collaboration with respective dzongkhag administrations.
  3. Building capacities of disaster management committee and teams at various levels to support risk reduction and preparedness activities.
  4. Designing and facilitating the implementation of institutional and legislative framework for disaster risk management.
  5. Develop disaster management and preparedness planning guidelines and integrating disaster risk reduction into development plans, projects and policies.
  6. Carrying out multi-hazard mapping and risk assessments, in collaboration with all concerned stakeholders.
  7. Conducting awareness programmes at all levels, including the Safe School and such other related campaigns, and through the use of various media.
  8. Developing various IEC and curriculum materials for capacity building and awareness at various levels.
  9. Building partnerships with both national and international agencies and organizations for knowledge sharing and obtaining support and resources for the Divisions activities and initiatives.