Important announcements

June 12, 2021

The National COVID-19 Taskforce would like to make following announcements, in view of the lockdown imposed in Thimphu tonight to assess the situation and prevent possible disease spread.

1. All students, teachers, parents of children studying in Druk School, and also the neighbours of the suspected case will be tested in respective megazones tomorrow (June 13, 2021). The testing plan, timing and details will be shared on this page shortly.

2. The lockdown is imposed for 48 hours in the extended areas of Thimphu thromde, starting from Kawang gewog in the north, down to Thimphu gate in the south. The lockdown could be extended or ceased depending on the outcome of the surveillance.

3. Except for critical medical emergencies, no essential deliveries will be carried out in the 48-hours lockdown. The services will be activated should the lockdown extend. For emergency medical services, please call 112.

4. Movement out of Thimphu has been stopped, while travel into Thimphu will be facilitated. Travellers from other districts via Thimphu is allowed. However, RBP will monitor and escort in groups from Simtokha or Thimphu gate.

5. Those who departed from Thimphu in the last two days are requested to maintain self -isolation until further clarity is obtained from contact tracing and screening measures in the 48 hours of lockdown.

As announced earlier, besides the confirmation of the case and contact tracing, extensive surveillance will be carried out during the 48 hours lockdown to determine the prevalence of disease in the context of increasing number of cases detected in border districts daily.

We once again solicit your support and cooperation. Thank you.

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