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    EXECUTIVE ORDER for Incident Command System (ICS) -4th August, 2017)
    Emergency Contact Lists:
    i) Priority Contact Numbers during DISASTER
    ii) National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA)
    iii) PS & PA to NDMA members
    iv) Inter-Ministerial Task Force (IMTF)
    v) Dzongda Contact Details
    vi) Dzongkhag Disaster Management Officers (DDMOs)
    vii) 205 Gups Contact Details
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  3. DRR Activities
    Bhutan Disaster Assessment Tools and Mechanisms
    Community based Disaster Risk Management
    Community based Health and First Aids
    Global Lake Outburst Flood
    School Safety Campaign
  4. Divisions
    Risk Prevention and Reduction Division
    Preparedness and Response Division
    Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Division
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